custom pallets from hardwood to softwood.

wide assortment of plywood pallets and crates

mulch available in natural,
double-ground and colored

supplier of Siltsoxx™ - erosion control filter socks for sediment control & stormwater management


  ABOUT Palcon, LLC

Palcon is a full service manufacturer and distributor of wooden pallets, custom wood crates, and tonnage, recycled pallets, natural and colored landscape mulch, sawdust and wood chips, and pallet treating equipment. Palcon was originally called DF Carey Lumber and Pallet and was formed in 1972.  Palcon, LLC formed in Pennsylvania in 1996.

 Palcon's main manufacturing facilities is located on a large industrial site in Muncy, PA. And the recycling facility is located in Montoursville, Pa.  Palcon primarily serves Markets in the northeastern part of the United States but has shipped products all over the US and Canada.  Palcon sales engineers will work closely with your organization to design and manufacture the optimal shipping platform.



Palcon will provide unparalleled service and exceptional products at a competitive price. Foster a positive work environment that encourages creativity, teamwork, and a commitment to total quality. Ethically pursue profit, excellence and market leadership.  

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