Wooden Pallets in PA NJ NY
  We specialize in custom pallets that are top of the line quality and made to order.  You provide the specs and we provide the pallets! 
Custom Pallets in Pennsylvania PA New York NY New Jersey NJ

Custom pallets from hardwood to softwood.

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    Custom Pallets: Palcon LLC has been providing high quality custom pallets to our customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York for over 40 years.  We have the capability to manufacture virtually any size wooden pallet - no pallet is too large or too small!  Plus, we do not have minimum order quantities! 

    Simply fill out our easy to use ­Request for Quote Form and expect a response our Sales Department by the next business day or sooner.    

    Custom Wood Pallet Design Our Specialty: Palcon utilizes custom pallet design software called Pallet Design System™, or PDS®. This software allows us to determine and develop the safest and most cost effective pallet for your shipping needs. Palcon can provide CAD drawings, strength and stiffness analysis, physical property estimates, and durability analysis.

    Wood Pallets - New Jersey NJ Pennsylvania PA and New York NY
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