custom pallets from hardwood to softwood.

wide assortment of plywood pallets and crates

mulch available in natural,
double-ground and colored

supplier of Siltsoxx™ - erosion control filter socks for sediment control & stormwater management


  New wooden pallets are often re-used and then re-conditioned when damage occurs, and put back in service. Eventually however, all pallets come to the end of their life cycle. But these days spent wooden pallets very seldom end up in the local landfill. With today’s technology broken pallets and other types of used wooden shipping products are processed into viable alternative products such as colored landscaping mulch and bio-fuel (wood pellets). Palcon is concerned with the environment and provides a return pallet service for all its customers at minimal costs. Broken and discarded pallets are then recycled right here at our plant for these uses among others.

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