At Palcon, LLC, recycling wood waste is a very important part of our process. We take great pride that all lumber scraps and damaged pallets that cannot be repaired are not sent to the local landfill, but recycled into viable alternative wood products. Our most popular of which is our beautiful landscape mulches.

Every spring Palcon, LLC sells thousands of yards of natural and colored mulch to both retail and commercial consumers. If you are a commercial consumer of mulch please fill out a quote request form and a representative will get back to you right away!


You may chose from the following products.

If you prefer a color not listed give us a call for a special quote. We have many colors available.

Regular Hardwood Mulch

This is our most economical mulch product. It is made from 100% hardwood. The wood used in this mulch is recycled from our pallet manufacturing process.

Hardwood mulch holds up very well over time. It is especially effective on large banks and areas where wind or large amounts of rain can blow or wash away mulch. Also, hardwood mulch is much less susceptible to the development of mold spores, a common problem especially with natural bark mulch which is offered by many landscapers.

For new applications often times we recommend a 3" layer of regular mulch and for longer color retainment a 1" layer of our popular colored mulch.


Colored Mulch
Delivery or Pickup

Red Mulch This vibrant red mulch can really spice up a garden.

Dark Brown Mulch By far our most Popular Color! Keep your landscaping looking great all year with this fantastic product.

Black Mulch Fast becoming the color of choice for many consumers. This dramatic black mulch is an attractive material to use in any setting. It provides a sharp contrast and retains its dark, rich color for many months.