In addition to producing pallets for distribution customers, Palcon is also the proud manufacturer of equipment used in the pallet manufacturing process.


These custom units are designed for specific applications.

Units will treat 200 to 2000 pallets per cycle. Pallets processed in unit will comply with new international requirements.

In addition, units can dry pallets.

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DT-150 Pallet Treating System

Competition in the pallet industry is forcing pallet manufacturers to find alternative methods to differentiate themselves from the competition. Shrinking profit margins and increased competition from plastic pallets are forcing companies to "add value" to their products.

A proven method for adding value to your pallets is the Palcon DT-150 Pallet Treating System.

An "insect-free" pallet can be marketed as an alternative to plastic pallets, which are gaining a considerable market in the food manufacturing and processing industries. Insects are not tolerated in these industries.

With one operator your company can process 1200 to 1500 pallets per eight-hour shift.

The DT 150 offers the following unparalleled quality and features:

  • Exclusive cage tilt design - Saves chemicals and water.
  • Remote controlled operation - Allows driver to operate machine without leaving the forklift. With this remote control, one operator can produce up to 1400 treated pallets per eight-hour shift.
  • 8 to 1 safety factor in lifting capacity - 34,000 lb. breaking strength.
  • Current Sensing Overload relay - Protects drive train from damage

The Palcon DT-150 will provide your organization with a marketable and profitable alternative to plastic pallets.