• Pennsylvania features twice as much forested land as it did 100 years ago
  • From 1990-2005, forested land in the US increased by 17,000 square miles - an area larger than Connecticut, Delaware and New Jersey combined
  • Annual volume growth in our forests is more than twice the volume harvested to support Pennsylvania’s forest products industry. The current sawtimber volume in Pennsylvania is the highest recorded since the inception of the U.S. Forest Service inventory. In fact, sawtimber volume has increased 18 percent since 1989.
  • Every cubic meter of hardwood that is substituted for cubic meter of steel or plastic removes about one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere.  No other building material does this.
  • American hardwoods use far less energy in manufacturing than any other material (www.ahec.org)
  • Embodied Energy - Energy used to produce material expressed in Megajoules per Kilogram.
    • Hardwoods -2
    • Steel - 34
    • Aluminum - 149
  • Our wood byproducts are used for mulch, wood pellets, animal bedding and biomass fuel.
  • The American Forest and Paper Association reports the forest products industry is the largest producer of renewable biomass in the country, generating 77 percent of it.  That exceeds the nations solar, wind and geothermal energy generation combined.

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